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Moving in or to Milton, ON? Moving is one of those things that comes up in our lives several times, but it almost always means a big sigh from those moving. That’s because moving is a lot of work! And while you could do it yourself with the help of your friends, sometimes it makes sense to have a moving company hired to move your belongings. There are some key things to look for when looking at hiring a company for moving services, including if they have their own trucks and if they come out ahead of time to get a sense of what items are being moved. You need a quality full-service mover and Quality Service Movers is ready to help make your move easy and fast.

Full House Movers and Local Movers in Milton, ON

Full house movers in Milton, ON protecting staircase and flooring with paddingSome movers are smaller in size and really only focus on small homes and apartments. Maybe it’s because they only have one or two trucks that aren’t that big, but whatever the reason is, if you have a larger home you need a full house mover. A full house mover is fully prepared to take a multi-bedroom home and move the entire contents of the home for you. They have the personnel, trucks, and moving equipment to handle such a large amount of belongings.

Just as important is making sure your mover is a local mover who knows the area. First, local movers will physically show up before the move to get an idea of just how much stuff you have and plan accordingly for the size of your move. Additionally, they will provide a much more accurate quote because they have seen what you are moving. A moving company that doesn’t come to look at what is to be moved is one you will likely avoid using.

Safe and Piano Movers in Milton, ON

If you own a piano or a large safe, you might be wondering how your moving company will handle such a large and heavy object. Quality Service Movers is prepared to be your piano mover and safe mover by having the right equipment to make moving these large items straightforward. If you talk with a moving company and they don’t seem confident that they could handle such a heavy object, it’s best to move on to a more qualified mover. Don’t compromise on your move by hiring a moving company that can’t handle what you have.

Moving in Milton, Ontario

When you are ready to move, don’t just pick any mover to do the job. Be sure to talk with them and have them come out to your home to see what you need to have moved. Ask questions of your moving company and see how they answer them. Are they confident with the answers they provide? Or are they dancing around a direct answer. When you talk with Quality Service Movers, you will be confident that they are ready and able to handle your move.

Hugh Foster donated 4 acres of land to the county to construct its administration building in Milton, which is still in place on Mary Street today and is now used as the Milton Town Hall. Milton was incorporated into a town in 1857, after being chosen as the county seat for Halton. Records from 1874 indicate that Milton had county buildings, a telegraph office, a foundry, a tannery, a woolen factory, a grist mill and a saw mill, a weekly newspaper, and a number of stores. In the early 1900s, Milton was well known because of the P.L. Robertson Manufacturing Company, the first to make socket-head screws.

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